Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sweater Weather

 For the past week all my handknits have been getting a bath. It started when Daughter asked if she could borrow one of my Lopis to take to Iceland.

All my sweaters were stored in a yucky old garment bag and forgotten since this time last year I was covered in poison ivy and wool of any kind was off limits for the season. Now they are all getting a soak in the sink....

 ....and then a drying on the rack with the dehumidifier on full blast in the small downstairs bathroom. They dry really fast that way.

I've had a real assembly line going. After they dry I pack them in my new Ikea underbed garment bags. I love these things. Unlike the cheap Walmart bags these things do not attract dust. They slide in and out easily and are very lightweight for being such a structured box. I need to pick up a few more on my next trip. I've got a lot of sweaters.

I'd also like to sing the praises of sock blockers. I know, I know, we all have them but I never used them. They were just for photo shoots with finished socks. I've been actually blocking my socks after I wash them and the difference is amazing. They fold better, fit better and just seem softer.  Who knew?


  1. Ok - I'm with you on the sweaters, but I just cannot block my socks (other than for pictures). I just have waaaaay tooo many! They do look lovely though.

  2. Love those 2 sweaters in the photo. They are 'my' colors! I'm curious about your sock blockers. Do you have bunches of them so you can wash & block lots of pairs at once or do you wash one pair at a time? I'm a once a week laundry girl and can't imagine the expense of buying that many sets of blockers.

  3. I wash a pair a night. When I take them off I throw them in the tub for a quick wash, let them drip dry in the tub all night then put them on the sock blockers in the morning and sit them in a sunny windowsill. They are dry by night and the process plays on...

  4. Ahh, I'm glad that you wrote your comment because I, too, was wondering how many sock blockers you own!
    Your knits are amazing. Those sweaters! So beautiful Debra. I don't think I have the patience to knit intricate patterns like that but I sure admire and envy those who do.
    I have long discovered that I am a "production" knitter, not a "process" knitter.

  5. Your sweaters are just beautiful and I love your storage solution! Definitely time to be wearing those sweaters.

  6. Daughter is a very lucky girl to get to wear your sweaters.

  7. Beautiful laundry day items! I just discovered drying my socks that way after each wash and not just for staging, too. I love the idea.

  8. so many beautiful sweaters, every where you look there is something amazing to see.