Monday, November 11, 2019

Decisions, Decisions....

 Guess where I was yesterday? If you said I was looking at kitchens again you'd be right. First I stopped in at Lowe's and visited the samples from the collection I had picked out from their brochures. It was....okay. The sample door had some visible joins and noticeable chips in the finish. Hmmmm......

 Since I was on my way to Daughter's to kitty sit until Wednesday while she is off to Boston and I just so happen to have to pass right by the College Park Ikea.....

 ....I thought I'd just stop in and take a quick look. I know, I know. The Mister isn't wild about putting all those cabinets together but the quality is just so much nicer than the cabinets in the Lowe's showroom-unless you want to go high end custom and we're NOT going there.

 I treated myself to lunch and had a look at the 2020 kitchen catalog trying to figure out a way to convince The Mister we really, really need an Ikea kitchen. Sigh....

 The place was packed.....I had to drink my coffee and balance my bun in the car. There was no place to sit down. Didn't all these people know football was on? Jeesh.

I swore I wasn't going to buy anything on this trip. I really have to curb my spending if I want a new kitchen but I made the mistake of wandering through the food section. They happened to have these itty bitty Ikea bags that I just had to have and if you have a bag......

....then you have to put something in it. I got more cookies, and lots and lots of candy. Never, ever visit Ikea when you're hungry.


  1. I think next year we may be doing a little reno on our hall bath. It is from the 50s and while I am keeping the tile, toilet and tub, I'd like a new vanity and medicine chest. I found one at Lowe's I like. We'll see if the budget will go there. The previous owner's left a LOT of holes in the wall where they hung stuff they were supposed to leave and didn't. So, we have lots and LOTS of plaster and dry wall repair to do before we have the place repainted.

  2. I have looking at cabinets too, I really like the shaker style cabinet fronts that you showed a photo of. Good luck with your convincing plan!

  3. I have shopped hungry and it isn't pretty! lol
    Picking out the cabinets is a hard decision-hang in there, you will find just the right ones.
    (probably in IKEA!)

  4. Oh Ikea... it's like inspiration wonderland!

  5. It's so hard to select fixtures. I'm with the Mister: i wouldn't want to assemble IKEA cabinets either.

  6. Oh how I love IKEA and I haven't been to one in several years. It's a wonderland to me but I've never eaten there or bought any food. I think I'm missing out!
    I understand the Mister's hesitation in putting all of the cabinets together but if they are better quality cabinets when it's done... I'd go IKEA.

  7. Too many choices always stresses me out.. Even when learning the computer program for nurses, if they said, 'OR you can do it this way, OR you can hold down control, alt delete and do it that way...." My head just spun. ONLY give me one option!! please . OR two for kitchen cabinets. Thank you

  8. Good luck on convincing your husband that the Ikea cabinets are the way to go. (They are beautiful.) Since you are always his assistant and trouble shooter, I think he will concede.