Monday, November 25, 2019

Sunday Soap

 Taking advantage of the day off yesterday I started another soap making adventure. I paid a lot of money for this bottle of aloe juice and I've got to use it up within 30 days so the production line is in business once again.

 I'm making big loaves to use it up faster.

 When you substitute the water for the aloe you get a rather strange bar of soap but since so many soapers raved about it I'm willing to give it a try.

 I am also using my new micas and loving them especially the white. If you have ever used titanium dioxide for anything you know how horrible it is. It makes a huge mess and is almost impossible to clean up. This new Snow White mica performs just like the nasty stuff but dissolves just like a mica so clean up is a breeze.

Here is that big blue soap I made last week which was the first of the aloe soaps. This is the one that had to have its top lopped off because I tried to pile on too much batter and it all collapsed instead of standing up in stiff peaks.

None of the aloe soaps are holding nice peaks for some reason but I cut down the recipe to make it more manageable in the mold. Once it's in the tub no one will know the difference, right?


  1. You're right. No one will notice and I think it's beautiful soap.

  2. Your soaps look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. They are ALL so pretty. Good luck with the new batch.

  4. Your adventures sound like a chemistry experiment! The soaps you pictured are lovely. Saw some homemade soap at a local craft show and it was not as pretty as your nor was it packaged very attractively. You rock!

  5. Even though I don't really understand all the soap terms you use I love looking at the results of your work! That big blue soap absolutely looks like the ocean - just beautiful!

  6. I consider peaks on the soap like peaks on lemon meringue pie.... sure, they look pretty, but if they aren't perfect, it doesn't really affect the taste (or feel, in the case of the soap)

  7. No one will ever know! i like the gold lines with the blue soaps

  8. Wow-these soaps are really cool! Very different colorations. Have fun!