Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ahead of Schedule

 You know that new flooring that was supposed to be here on December 2? Well, we got an email saying it's already at the store and ready for pick up. We're going today to get it. Yesterday we had to finish what we started and get the rest of the tile up.

 That meant moving all the appliances which was as yucky as I thought it would be.

The refrigerator was real mess inside. I've got to start scheduling a regular cleaning. I can't believe it was still working with all that dust.

The hero of the day was my little shop vac. She might be small but she's mighty.

And....something else I've been working on got unraveled last night. The new Pup sweater was almost done when I realized that it was HUGE. It could have fit a German Shepard. I have no idea how I mixed up the sizes but I did. An alarm bell kept going off in my head when I saw how much yarn I had used up on it compared to the first one but I kept on knitting. Oh, well. It's back to the starting line with this one too.


  1. That mask is hilarious! :-) It's rare for things to be ahead of schedule and this is REALLY early. I think you and the Mister are troopers.

  2. That is such a big job. It's awesome that you guys are tackling it yourself. I bought Dave a mini shopvac a couple years ago for Christmas. He loves it.

  3. As Betsy said, you two are Troopers! i can't believe how early the flooring came in. Love the mask - lol.

  4. Sorry you're having to start over with the pup sweater. Happy that your flooring came in early though. That's a bit of a miracle! Love your construction outfit. :)

  5. Taking up that flooring was, I'm sure, a real task so I'm so glad that your new flooring has arrived early! Nothing like reaping rewards for a job well done!

  6. It's so nice that your kitchen project is going well/ahead of schedule. Love the protective gear you are wearing in the first photo. You and your husband are superstars of home renovation. Darn on Pup's sweater.

  7. Wow. You are really amazing me! Thanks for your dear thoughts on how things go when our parents die.
    and I laughed when you said it would fit a german shepard!! I ve been there! Years and years ago I knit zach a sweater, and it fit AL.

  8. I'm so glad you didn't get an email saying it was delayed! Nice to have to keep up the momentum so it will be closer to finished! Nice gear, btw!
    No wonder you got the sizes mixed up--you have a lot going on right now!

  9. Your kitchen is going to be fantastic! Good luck with the flooring.