Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tiny Needle Tuesday with Kitties

It was only a brief kitty sitting adventure so I didn't bring much stitching with me. The November Sheep Virtues block is almost done. One more sheep is all I need to stitch.

I did pack Dear Jane and since this was a "what were you thinking, Jane?" block I didn't get too far. I had to take it apart and try to get those center pie shapes fitting together better because those white pieces just wouldn't fit. I think I'm good to go now.

Now for the kitties. Emi was shy at first but warmed up pretty quickly.....

....as soon as she remembered I was the lady who raided her mom's freezer to make her kitty stew.

 Even Grouchy Kitty loves my kitty stew. Daughter has one less cod fillet, one less chicken breast and two less scallops but I have happy kitties.

Except for this one. I can't get this one to eat anything but treats.

All the kitties went crazy over Chicken and Waffles even though I've never met a kitty that liked waffles. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Daughter is living it up in the Boston area. Here she is in front of the Seven Gables house. We'll all be back to normal tomorrow. Woo hoo....


  1. Sheepies are very cute! You should make one a different colour ;) Liana

  2. That FACE of grouchy kitty! I think I love him! LOL

  3. The kitties and the sheep are all so cute - and I like the idea of one black sheep!! I saw those chicken & waffle kitty treats over the weekend and almost bought them. Now I'm going to have to! I also saw a new one that is macaroni & cheese flavored - lol.

  4. Oh that third kitty reminds me of Rupert! Facial expression and all! He won't eat wet food, he won't eat human food, he won't even eat cat treats (of any kind). Dry food... that's it. Dry food in his bowl. And he'll only eat when you aren't looking!

  5. The Kitty Stew sounds like quite a feast! Sweet Emi hiding behind the curtain made me smile. Love the Gratitude Sheep and Liana's idea of stitching one in a different color.

  6. Ahh! My kitty fix. Emi is darling and Grouchy kitty looks exactly like his name! :-) They are all so wonderful. I miss my kitties.
    Love the sheep. I'm really going to miss seeing the virtues when you finish it. I really believe it's my favorite cross stitch ever.

  7. I needed those dear kitty faces today! It's been a very rough week here and looking at those little sweeties made me smile for the first time in a few days!

  8. The kitties are all adorable! Please share how you make your kitty stew. I ask because one of my cats was recently diagnosed as diabetic and I am searching for food she can and will eat. It looks like your daughter is wearing the most recent hat you made for her.

  9. Kitty stew...I bet they want you to come back soon:)

  10. What a nice post--love the kitties, of course, and the cross stitch sheep is perfect.
    You are the best kitty-grandma ever-cooking them up such a chef-worthy stew! Cool house!

  11. LOL, the kitty who only eats treats looks like he/she has 'trouble' written all over him. LOVE those little sheep with the fall colored leaves!