Friday, November 8, 2019

Freeze Warning

 They are calling for cold weather this weekend. Really cold. Fall has finally showed up and now we are going straight to winter. Jeesh.

We've got plenty of leaves left on the trees and things are still pretty green and they are saying the S word for Monday. Not here so much but a bit north, thank goodness. I'll be up a Daughter's kitty sitting while she is in Boston next week.

 The woodpile we worked so hard on last year is ready but the chimney is not.

 I mentioned to The Mister we might want to clean it out so we did.

 Woodpile Kitty agreed. I almost didn't see him out there.

 My job is to watch the box and make sure things are going the way they should down at ground level.

I had to laugh. Pup thought the brush was a critter. I wondered what she was growling at. I guess it does look like a porcupine. Silly Pup.


  1. Pup the guard-dog. :-) . We've had a gorgeous week after a quite nasty October. I even wore flip-flops to the mailbox today. It wasn't exactly warm, high 40's but it was good enough for me, there was no white stuff falling!

  2. Yup, I believe winter is here. We could have snow tonight (just flurries...but still...)

  3. Pup made me laugh. She is keeping you safe from all things "brushy"! LOL

    Looks like you are ready for the deep freeze they say is coming. We are supposed to get some snow on Tuesday. We'll see.

  4. We had flurries yesterday, but they are calling for more snow later today. So far it's just clear and COLD!

  5. Good job done! That last pic is so funny!

  6. Woodpile Kitty is so cute! At first glance, I thought the brush was just an out of focus cat so I can understand Pup's reaction.

  7. A pup can never be too careful about mysterious things.

  8. We got the storm on Tuesday and it was the perfect snow storm. It was almost a whiteout while driving but the snow never stuck to the roads. It covered the ground but melted off the driveway and steps the next day and it was totally gone two days later.