Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday

 Soldotna looks like this now. I just divided for the sleeves-again. Woo hoo...Now the jog is under the arms instead of in the middle of the back. I did a jogless thing on the first one and hated how it looked. It looked worse than a jog.

Here's the old yoke in case you are interested. I got rid of the weird neck and traded some colors so there would be more contrast. I thought this version looked a little muddy with all that pink, purple and wine so close together right in the middle. Bringing in the green helps to break it up. The original colors on the pattern are very nice. My kit, not so much.

 My third Mosi hat looks like this. I just downloaded the matching mitten pattern and I am going to send it to Iceland with Daughter to see if she can bring me back some yarn for it. I even printed the pattern out in the original Icelandic since Daughter doesn't speak a word. I tried to write a little note to say I didn't need the exact yarn just something similar. We'll see how well the Google translator works. This could be funny.

My Where the Wind Blows Cardi is almost done. I think. I am at the stage where I have to figure out if it is really long enough or am I just tired of knitting it. A trip to time out usually cures that. I'll pick it up again in a few days and see how I feel about it.


  1. Soldotna is absolutely stunning. I really like the changes you've made. The hat is gorgeous too. You are a colorwork genius.
    Hoping google translate works well for you. It's not so great for me with Japanese! There is definitely something lost in translation.

  2. Wow! I thought your original Soldotna was great... until I saw the second version. Your new version looks so much better! Can't wait to see what your daughter comes home from Iceland with. :) Hope your Wind Blows really is long enough. I have so many sweaters that are 'I'm bored with this project' length.

  3. You've made the right changes to the color of the yoke--Much improved! I tried the jogless thing and wasn't impressed either! New cardi looks good, too!

  4. Oh yes, the new neckline and color placement are spot on!

  5. I think your mods on Soldotna are excellent. Neckline and colours are much better. I've never been able to do the invisible jog thing.

    You might be surprised how good google translate is now. A few years ago, not so much, but I've been using it as I take my French lessons and it's really improved. It's not perfect, but it's pretty impressive for a robot.

  6. I thought the first version of Soldotna was beautiful but the second one is even more beautiful. What a wise choice you made with the changes in yarn color. Where the Wind Blows Cardi is so beautiful. Now to see what you decide about length.

  7. I am loving seeing your sweaters come along!! They are each gorgeous.