Sunday, November 24, 2019

Running Out of Autumn

 It's finally looking like fall around here. I know most of you are already in winter but fall took it's sweet time getting here this year.

Everything is looking like this.

The yard has an interesting leaf pattern going on. The Mister was using the riding mower to pick up the leaves when a cable broke. I've got funny leaf paths all over the yard now. He was not amused.

 We are both recuperating from too much heavy work last week. His hip is not feeling right and neither is my back so we are taking the weekend off. I'm picking up all my neglected fall projects.  I've been plying these singles for weeks now. It's time they were off the wheel.

 The socks in the November colorway will most likely still be on the needles in January but I gave them a few inches anyway.

The fall weaving project has to come off the loom in the very near future. I need to pack it up until the kitchen thing is over. It's taking up space I need for other things at the moment. I was pleased to figure out a way to count my pattern repeats yesterday. I've been using the clothespins to mark them so I don't have to keep switching glasses to count threads. It makes everything go much faster.

Finally, as you can see I've almost got Pup's sweater finished and she's less than thrilled with it. She hates wearing sweaters but it's gotten cold again so she's living in Too Bad Land right now. It's put it on or stay home. Little dogs are a lot like little kids.


  1. I laughed out loud at the little dogs are a lot like little kids comment. That is oh so true! Especially little Sophie. Chloe, not so much. She's a big dog though. :-)
    That weaving project is so pretty, as is are the spun singles and your socks.
    I'm glad you're taking the weekend to rest and recuperate. Imagine if you had to cook a turkey in your kitchen on Thursday! Eek!

  2. So much fall in your world!

    Our snow has melted, so we are back to fall. I have to get out and rake up the leaves that got covered in snow before I had a chance to do anything about them

  3. Last week was the first time I got to enjoy crunching thru leaves on my morning walk. After rain all day yesterday, they were not crunchy this morning. Love Pup's sweater! Of course, your other projects are beautiful.

  4. Pup looks adorable in that almost finished sweater. Glad you are taking the weekend to rest. I am to, well sort of besides all the little projects around the house. Today it was pulling out dead plants and planting some new ones. Still it isn't paperwork or real work. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. Love the comment ....Living in TOO BAD LAND! I think I may borrow that when needed. LOL

  6. I love fall colors but haven't really had much of that this year - mostly brown and yellow. But Pup's sweater - sorry, little one, but you do look adorable in a sweater!

  7. "Too Bad Land" ... ha ha! I'm going to borrow that next time my MIL refuses to wear a coat while she complains loudly about how cold it is. I like your leaf paths and LOVE you autumn socks. I need some of that yarn! I'm also loving pup's sweater even if she isn't.

  8. All of your projects are coordinated Fall colors! lol A break is just what you need-and space in the kitchen! Genius on the weaving 'markers'!