Friday, November 22, 2019


 On the way out of town to pick up the new floor we noticed they were turning the pier into a holiday fairyland. It's a hike out to Annapolis to the floor store but we pack up Pup and make a day of it.

 Ta dah....the floor is home. In boxes. 21 boxes to be exact and they each weighed 46.5 pounds which made for a grueling afternoon carrying them in. They were heavy.  Very heavy.

 Waiting in the mailbox were some new micas from a new-to-me company. I got micas and some Smarties along with a free sample.

 I love little companies that personalize your order.

I had just settled into to using the soap table for sewing again but I really do need to make more soap. I have 88 small bars but I really want some big ones for winter and I've got to use up the rest of that aloe juice in 30 days.

 I also had the rest of the yarn for Soldotna in the mailbox. I got the only two colors they had left from the kit. The green is not a great match but I can alternate the rows in the body so it shouldn't be too bad. At least I hope not. The wine should be enough for a nice thick hem. Since it's not near any other wine it should be fine.

In case you're wondering what she looks like now, here she is. I'm almost finished with the yoke-again. It really is an addicting project. I get started and I just can't stop. Good thing. I've already got the yarn for another in the stash.


  1. You knit so FAST! Soldotna looks fantastic.

  2. You really are a speedy knitter. Love Soldotna. You and the Mister are really speedy at re-modeling jobs too!

  3. Lovely restart on Soldotna. Those teeny tiny, Dear Jane pieces almost give me palpitations.

  4. Soldotna is so pretty. That's a LOT of flooring. Take care of your back my friend.
    I remember walking the pier around Annapolis with Mandy and Piper. It's one of the things I miss about them not living in Maryland anymore.

  5. Wow! You've made amazing progress on Soldotna mark II.

  6. Colorwork does that to you!!!
    I hope the new floor can start to go down soon!

  7. The yolk on your sweater is just beautiful! You have speedy fingers. Love how your kitchen renovation is steadily moving forward. How exciting it will be when it is complete.

  8. I'm so late posting you've probably finished knitting by now. Either way, it's lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new skeins work out.