Friday, November 29, 2019

Getting Stuff Done

 I had to pack up the loom so the autumn project had to come off.

 Ta dah.....not bad. Maybe I'll get it hemmed during the Sunday football games.

The spinning wheels had to go too so I had to get those Autumn singles plied. Hmmm.....after chain plying it doesn't look a bit like fall to me.

I guess I should have seen that coming.  It really didn't look like fall in the braid either.


  1. Kinda looks like spring with a baby bunny in the middle. :)Beautiful.

  2. The new towels will finish in no time! The new Fall yarn I had also included purple--it matches the leaf so it counts! lol
    Nice yarn for chain plying--mine doesn't work so well!

  3. Your towels are gorgeous! Liana

  4. That yarn looks perfect for any time of year.

  5. But that skein is gorgeous even if it doesn't look a lot like fall. :-) . The towel is very fall-ish though.

  6. Well, yes those colors aren't very fall to me, but I see a gorgeous fair isle by just using One solid against the multi . My preference would be to do the green shade and then use the multi for all the fair isle parts. Just a thought!

  7. OMG! I love the towel! And the yarn may not look like fall but it will be perfect for spring. I'm thinking an Easter shawl.