Friday, November 15, 2019

Snow Day

 It's still fall but it's been winter in my card room for a while now. I've been inking and spritzing snowy backgrounds and cutting out snow drifts pretty much every night.

 My little snowmen have to live somewhere.

I'm really having fun with this card. Hopefully it will be riding along with the January Giveaway if I ever get all the soap made. This kitchen remodeling thing is really taking up a lot of my time. Lol...


  1. Oh my gosh Debra, I love those little snowmen. I adore snowmen of all kinds. I keep the few I have out all winter. I can't wait to revisit mine after Thanksgiving decorations are put away.

  2. Have you chosen kitchen cupboards. I would love to know how ikea cupboards fare over time. Always look nice new but wonder how 10 years changes them?
    Cheryl aka seajaes

  3. Your card shop looks like my backyard! Maybe I should go build a snowman!

  4. The cards are just adorable. Glad the snow is only the paper variety in your craft room.

  5. You really caught my attention with your post title! LOL

    The snowmen are adorable!

  6. aw I love a snowman! Not many up here in the country. We should have a contest at the barn

  7. Those cards are SO cute! I even liked the first photo of the blank snow drift cards. They remind me of the children's book A Snowy Day. One of my childhood favorites.