Thursday, November 7, 2019

Taking a Breather

 This is what my kitchen table looks like. It's covered in all the materials and samples we brought home yesterday. I was up late last night working with numbers and measurements to see what I could come up with.

I pretty much came up with a plan and decided to forgo my Ikea obsession and go with this Allen + Roth collection from Lowes. It looks like Ikea but it comes already together. The Mister couldn't be budged when it came to putting all the cabinets together no matter how much money it would save us. Of course, all this is tentative. I'll probably change my mind at least ten times before I actually order anything.

Since The Mister had heard enough kitchen talk for one day we took a walk to clear our heads. We were there just in time to see them putting up all the Christmas stuff on the boardwalk. It gets earlier every year.

 The little soap shop looks about ready for business. I can't wait to get in there. We peeked in the window and it's really pretty inside.

 The local produce market next door had baskets of these adorable itty bitty pumpkins. I've never seen anything like them.

The big town news is that a Fortune Teller is opening up across from the coffee shop. $20 a reading. I should have gone in and asked them how my kitchen will turn out. Lol....


  1. We have those same little pumpkins on the fence posts at the park. They are adorable.

    When I went to Bethlehem yesterday, I saw several towns that already have their lights up. Only one (Hellertown) had them turned on already.

  2. Your kitchen choice is beautiful. I would love to have lighter colored cabinets. It does seem earlier each year for Christmas things. When I turned my car on 11/1, my favorite station had become the "Holly" station on Sirius. It will play all Christmas music 24 hours a day until January 1. I changed the station. That's just too much, too early. :-)

  3. Yikes! Christmas decorations already? We haven't even had Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Well the new kitchen photo plan is AMAZING!!!!!

  5. Love the tentative kitchen plan! So light and airy! The new little soap shop is delightful!