Saturday, November 9, 2019

FO: Dirty Nora

Nora and I have spent a lot of time together over the past few years.

 I brought her fleece home from the SVFF a few years ago. She was dirty. Really dirty. I have no idea why I wanted to buy her but I did. I am a sucker for a fleece with a photo.

 To say it was a challenge to clean her up is an understatement.

 It was epic.

I wasn't very happy with the results and almost pitched her several times but I didn't.

She was so full of vegetable matter that it was like standing in a hay field in a wind storm when I was carding her.

She may have been a dirty girl but she took color beautifully.

Her wonky batts made some wonky singles.

 We spent this year's Tour together and I got this far. It was a slow and painful spin as I had to stop and pick out leaves and stems all the time.

 Yesterday I finished the last of the batts and got them plied. Woo hoo.

 Nora is now in the rear view mirror and I am elated.

Yes, she's scratchy and still littered with a few hay bits here and there but she's done. Done. Done. Done. I have no idea what's to become of her now but I am sure something will come to me eventually.


  1. Her face is so precious and the yarn is gorgeous. I really enjoyed watching the entire process of washing, carding, spinning and plying. Dirty Nora turned into beautiful yarn.

  2. Thanks to your patient and talented hands, Dirty Nora has been transformed. Nice job. I am confident you'll make something spectacular with this yarn.

  3. Nora sure is a pretty girl now.

  4. Nora is very pretty! So nice blue! It must be a pleasure to finish such a project! Liana

  5. I have never spun or dyed wool so it is interesting to see your project from beginning to end. Just beautiful results. In the photo, it looks like the yarn would be very soft.

  6. Dirty Nora is such a gorgeous color! She needs to become something very visible - a shawl, scarf or maybe a hat and matching gloves.