Monday, September 25, 2017

Warm and Wooly

Guess where I was this weekend?

The Mister and I and the doggies hit the road for some fall fun early Saturday morning even though there was no fall to be seen. It was 88 and muggy which is not what you want for a day in a field.

That's the Shenandoah River right there. We made lots of stops along the way because doggies gotta go when doggies gotta go.

 The Mister dropped me off at the entrance to the fest and then took the doggies to the park across the street to walk on the trails while I shopped.

 I got to look at a lot of this.

 And a lot of that.

This really is my favorite fest for shopping. No big crowds just lots and lots of great stuff to choose from. Everyone is so nice.

I peeked at a few but was not tempted to bring home a fleece. It was too hot for any serious wooly business.

The few sheep there looked pretty miserable. It wasn't too bad in the shade but that sun was brutal.

All the booths were decked out for fall in spite of the lack thereof. I usually have to wear a sweater and socks to this fest. Not this year.

I wore shorts and flip flops and I think I got a sunburn.

I bought stuff. Not much but what I did get is nice. Very nice. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about it.

AND a big thanks to everyone who responded to the fall giveaway! I'll be mailing the packages off in between bathroom remodeling so I'll do the best I can to get them out this week. If you haven't gone to Rav to claim a bar-hop to it! There is still plenty to go around.


  1. Oh how fun! I sure wish I lived closer to you and could go to some of the fiber festivals with you. I can imagine we would have a grand time! It was only 31° this morning and I only got up to about 55. It is supposed to warm up this week, but I'll be in Omaha by then. It's certainly been a hot fall so far. Believe it or not though, we had snow on the top of Mount Spokane this week. I don't ever remember seeing snow up there in September. I'm afraid of what that means for winter. Have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. That festival looks just perfect. Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep and Wool seem so intimidating for this first time festival newbie! (Next year I will be "up north" and maybe get to finally go to one!)

  3. What fun! Can't wait to see what you got.

  4. That festival looks "just right" in terms of size! I would have been sorely tempted to buy one of those pretty baskets and some of that yarn! So glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

  5. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend!!

  6. What a wonderful festival! And it is still hot where I live also. Leaves are falling but the temps are still in the high 80s. Your giveaway is just awesome. I am not a knitter so am not familiar with Ravelry or I would have requested a sample. Hope fall weather arrives for both of us soon!

    1. You can email me your address. I am at

  7. Oh Fun to see your photos! WOWZA. Im glad the Mister and dogs had another plan. That way you feel less rushed. Thanks so much for the soap love

  8. Awesome photos! Looks like you had a great weekend. I can't wait to see what you bought - I live vicariously through those posts :)

  9. It's sweltering here too - it's suppose to break mid-week and that can't come soon enough!

    Looks like a lovely little fest though - can't wait to see what you brought home!

  10. How nice to get to wander through all the colors and smells of a good fiber festival!
    I'm glad for you!