Thursday, September 14, 2017

Early Morning Field Trip

 I'm still doggy sitting so yesterday morning I was up at dawn and out the door to pay a visit to this very familiar building in N. VA. I spent many an hour and many a dollar here years ago.

 The Grands live near Daughter's old training rink and she still goes out there on Wednesday mornings at an ungodly hour to run through her moves. Continuing education for coaches is a lot more fun than for teachers.

I really went to meet her to get this. She brought this back for me from my last kitty sitting gig. I do love taffy.

 She had to hit the road to get back to her rink in Wheaton right after her session so I decided to pass some time at the craft store across the street from the rink. It was in full autumn bloom.

 I want one.

Not this. It's creepy right? 

I seem to be on a sketch book buying binge. It's my latest collection of things I never use. I bought two. They were on sale.

Next it was the grocery store. Look what I found.

And this. It's a pumpkin spiced soda bread and oh, my gosh is it good. I love shopping at unfamiliar stores. You never know what you are going to find.


  1. I have had the pumpkin spice yogurt, but not the maple one.

    Did you get some ice time too? I would have been SO tempted to lace up some skates.

    1. No. It was a high level freestyle and I am a slow moving vehicle!!! It did make me want to skate again. I thought I had put out that fire.

  2. I am sooooo envious of your craft stores, I've been in the hunt for autumn supplies and the local selection is rubbish! I know I can but online but there's nothing like a good old proper real-life browse, is there?!

  3. Love the "EEK" piece - so fun. Hmmm, the soda bread sounds delicious. Love me some salt water taffy too. All good.

  4. Punkin spiced soda bread does sounds like it would be good. You're making me hungry again!!

  5. How fun to be able to enjoy watching the skating. I spent some time at Hobby Lobby browsing around but didn't buy anything fall related, although I did buy a tote bag. Yummy goodies you found too.

  6. I am trying to get caught up after being away due to Irma. Golden's are so emotional aren't they? Has this beauty perked up? What is with all the animal skeleton's?

  7. I didn't like the kitty skeleton but the other things are fun! You will be in pumpkin spice heaven!