Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ants in His Pants

 When I am home I never get anything done because a certain Mister can't stay in one place very long. Come on football, the season can't get here fast enough.

 We spent the entire day yesterday running his errands. I had to go along because he needed me to run into Ikea and get him some sheets. For most of the day I sat in the car, listened to audiobooks and knit with the dogs. Someone asked me about the yarn I was using. It is indeed Kroy and I got it on clearance.

 Since I hadn't planned to spend the day this way I was unprepared when I got to the heel of my sock. Thank goodness for the little Knit Kit Daughter gifted me many moons ago. I always carry it in my purse and it has saved me many a time.

 That's a heel to be right there. Yippee....

 I was more than cranky on this trip. It was hot and the dogs were being a pain. They are worse than kids to take anywhere. They wouldn't eat the dog food I packed them so we had to stop and get a bribe of Mcnuggets and a cheeseburger. They get a tiny bit and The Mister eats the rest.

 We ended the day at the park so they could get all their energy out before the long ride home. There were signs of fall on the ground but it was still hot. Did I mention it was hot? It was. It was hot. Too hot. I hate hot.

The only good thing that happened yesterday was that a very nice someone left me a comment about the Yankee Candle website still having Witches Brew. IT DOES!!! I bought a bunch. Thank you Mo!


  1. Love your love your sock. It looks like we're both making Monkey socks. That was a bargain price on the yarn too! I should have you show me how to do heels using magic loop. That's got me a little bit nervous. :-). I wish me had an IKEA close by but our closest one is Seattle, over 300 miles away. Glad you found more candles. Internet friends are the best! Have a lovely day.

  2. Nice to get the knitting done but I'm with you-my Mister is a goer, too. It is hard to be cordial when you've been gone a lot and just want to stay home! Glad you found the candles!

  3. Usually it's my husband sitting in the car waiting for me. I don't think I could just "run" into Ikea - I get very distracted in there! Love the socks and the dogs!

  4. Love your socks - the yarn is great (and what a bargain!!). I'm loving the signs of Fall (leaves, etc.), but these muggy temps that we have now need to go! Glad you were able to find your Witches Brew on line.

  5. Glad you got your candle!

    Love the Kroy.

    I'm trying to send some of our nice cool weather your way!

  6. I feel your pain sistah! Fireman rarely sits still. Until he does and then he cant move and falls asleep on the couch. He loves to get up and go! I prefer a quieter gentler morning and I can stay up far later than him most days. I get up later. Where was this imbalance when we had babies? Then we were both just tired 24/7 passing the kids between our shifts. I LOVE your safety kit. Fantastic. I sending you cool Wisconsin breezes lady!

  7. Aren't bloggers just the BEST!? Put out the call and they WILL respond!! Glad you found your Witch's Brew.

    I was at WalMart yesterday buying a suitcase for our vacation and guess what they carry? Yankee Candles. Of course, no Witch's Brew, but I was very surprised. No, I didn't buy any. I don't feel comfortable lighting a candle around Mr. G.

  8. I see why you like the wiches Brew looks perfect for Halloween. Your socks are really comming along nicely and nice buy on the Kroy! We're so busy bracing for Irma that I haven't been able to work on mine much.

  9. I'm a fan of the Kroy in fact my KAL is Kroy. I should have a post up this weekend. It's slow going, but it is what it is. I like your style, having your knitting and your audiobooks ready while you run other people's errands.