Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Paper Piecing Explained

 Every time I post about my piecing adventures I get lots of questions so when I was ready to add the border I took lots of photos. I was going to post this last week but I forgot to download the photos before I left town.  So here goes...step one is to give all the pieces a good pressing.

 You need to make sure they keep their shape when you pull out the papers. Daddio was a master at this. Me, not so much.

The paper is a stiff cardstock. After pressing, you just wiggle a finger under a seam and give the paper a yank. It comes out very easily.


 It only takes a few minute to yank it all out. I use a gluestick to hold the paper in while I baste them but the glue offers up no resistance whatsoever.

The pieces get another pressing and then you just pin them down and applique or add them to each other to make a quilt entirely of the little buggers. That takes a lot more patience than I have these days.

Having said that I just remembered that I still have this kit waiting in the sewing room along with a giant box of material. Golly. What was I thinking?


  1. That takes a lot more patience than I have. And that last picture? Eegads! It terrifies me to look at. :-)

  2. Yikes! What WERE you thinking? I've always liked the looks of these, but glad you did this post...now I know NOT to start a new hobby like this - lol.

  3. I must admit my eyes popped wide open when I scrolled down to the last beautiful picture! Patience and dexterity with your fingers must be a huge part of this craft! It's really lovely!

  4. You were thinking, I CAN DO THIS . It is amazing

  5. Oh my....that quilt is a masterpiece!! I just love it! So pretty. You make it sound so easy. I just may have to try this whole quilting thing. :-)

  6. Yeah... I don't think I'll be paper-piecing any time soon. But you do it beautifully!

  7. Love the colors and piecing in your quilt. That kit certainly looks challenging!!!

  8. It's a masterpiece!
    Just think-the new quilt has small blocks you will make one at a time-now that's easy!

  9. I definitely want to see you make that last photo. That quilt is AMAZING!!!!!