Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Warm and Wooly Two

I am such a sucker for festival colors.  I spent a lot of time in front of this display of the Skyline Drive colorway by Dragonfly Fibers before I could make up my mind.

All the yarn was beautiful but in the end it was the fiber in that colorway that jumped in my basket. It was the last one on the rack. It's Merino and silk. It's so soft.

 Next up was sock yarn. Oktoberfest could not be resisted.

 I wanted more cotton for the cotton stash and I got it. I should have bought two.  They had some pretty pinks and reds. What was I thinking?

 On the way home we stopped at my favorite little market that's not too far from the fairgrounds.

 Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere....

That cauliflower is huge. So far we have had it for dinner for two nights and there is still more in the fridge.

Then there was pie-baked on site pie. It was pricey but oh my gosh delish. So good. Best pie ever. I think I'll go have another piece. The diet can wait until tomorrow-or until the pie is gone.

Speaking of warm and wooly...I spent Sunday night packing up most of the giveaway packages thinking I was doing a great thing only to turn on the news Monday morning to hear about the heat wave sweeping the country.

In those packages are the cutest little lotion bars in a cute little box that took me ages to make. Lotion bars-which are not soap btw, have a very low melting point so as soon as you touch them they turn into a silky lotion that is the best thing that will ever happen to your feet. Needless to say the post office would not be happy with me sending out lots of leaky packages that may smell great but may attract the attention of homeland security-a problem I don't need at the moment. So...I am going to hold onto the packages until the weather breaks. I'll send you a shipping notice when I post them.

My cute little fairy cards that are squished in there with the soap will probably be a lost cause but it's the thought that counts, right?


  1. Your yarn (and fiber) choices are wonderful. Can't wait to see the fiber spun up. I wonder if it will spin up to look like the ones that were already spun?

  2. Such pretty fibers, and fall pictures (even if it doesn't feel like fall outside yet). I'm glad you went to the festival, I'll bet it was fun (can you tell I'm a bit jealous?).

  3. Beautiful fiber choices! I love the idea of the cotton sliver!!! I miss spinning.
    No complaints on the soap delivery from us!

  4. Wow! You did good. Love that cotton...I've got that on my list for the Ashville fest. That pie looks amazing too. The words diet and pie do not belong in the same sentence though. LOL

  5. Oh you are so sweet to send out packages WHENEVER. I love your Wildhare Oktoberfest choice!

  6. Wonderful fiber! And the pie! And the pumpkins! It all looks wonderful. There is NO hurry with the packages. We will all be ever so grateful when they arrive no matter when it is. You are so sweet.

  7. Do You have a website where I could buy some lotion bars ?

    1. I don't sell them but if you send me your mailing info via Ravelry or email I will gladly send you some. I make them for myself and giveaway the extras. I'm at mimichesapeake@gmail.com.