Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall Giveaway!!!!!

I might have mentioned that I have a lot of soap to rehome. I do. Come on people. I've got Christmas soap to make. Let's move this stuff.

 Starting at the top, I've got Witches Brew which is a light patchouli scent. The little Pumpkin Spice bar smells like a latte. Honeycrisp is a sweet apple fragrance.

 At the top again, I've got Afternoon Tea which smells like a cuppa Earl Gray. Crisp Apple Wine is a tart apple scent.  Twigs and Berries is a strong combo of musk and fruit.

 Lavender and Vanilla is a rich mixture of two familiar scents. Morning Porridge is a strong honey scent with a sugary citrus twist. Aloe and Cactus Water has barely any scent but it is a rich and creamy bar and one of my prettiest.

 Fire Tree is a lovely blend of lemongrass and sandalwood-very exotic. Redwood and Saffron is a bold combo of earthiness and sweet jasmine. Farmhouse Cider is very lightly scented with a some barely there cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fairy Garden is not bright and sparkly like you might expect. It is mysterious and a bit woodsy-not too flowery or sweet. Everyone who sees this one loves it. If I run out, I promise I will make a winter fairy version for the next giveaway. Everyone who wants a fairy will get one sooner or later.

 Coming along for the ride is also a glycerin bar in the new Goat's Milk and Honey fragrance in an oatmeal base that is crammed with lots of other good things like aloe, hemp, coconut milk along with shea, cocoa and mango butters. I went crazy with this batch.

I've put one Goat's Milk and Honey foot fizzy tab and one mini lotion bar in a cute little box as a treat for your feet.

I'm addicted to these things. It's night time ritual. They are also very delicate. They are in a self sealed package so even if they are just fizzy crumbs when they arrive they will still do their job.

You know the drill. Go to Ravelry. Send me your three soap choices and I'll see you get one of them. Don't forget your mailing info and check your messages often in case I need to get in touch with you. I know so many of you like to send me something in return but in this time of great need and suffering worldwide, a small donation to the charity of your choice would more than suffice-soap to the rescue. We can save the world!


  1. You will not be surprised to hear from me. :)

  2. Your generosity is amazing!
    Thanks so much!

  3. I feel like a kid in a candy many wonderful scents and soaps! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your soaps!!

  4. As always, your packaging is creative and beautiful!

  5. You, my dear friend, are AMAZINGLY generous.

  6. Fill the other orders first - I've already been so spoiled by you.
    But if you have any Honey Crisp, Twigs & Berries, or Morning Porridge left, I'd love to try some!


  7. Deb, you are one amazing and generous person and very creative, too. I am off to Ravelry..... Hugs to you.