Sunday, September 17, 2017

Staycation Tally

 The week did fly by. In all this quiet I managed to keep myself quite busy. I've got one KAL sock finished. I was playing yarn chicken at the end and I am happy to report that I won with a bit to spare.

One Halloween mitt is done and the other is started. The second one seems to be coming along more easily. I think I've made peace with the wonky corners. They'll block out, right?

 These socks are freaking me out. I seem to have gotten off pattern yarn wise but I can't see any problems with the knitting pattern. I know that makes no sense but trust me, it's freaky.

I made it to the corner on the big brown lace monster. The end is near. Thank goodness. I am going to do a happy dance the day this thing is blocked.

 The hexie border is sewn on. Now I have to figure out what comes next. Two more plain borders, I think.

I made a serious dent in this block. Most of the dresden petals are quilted. They are the worst part.

Bits and pieces were stitched on these three samplers.

Mr. Golden is probably bored to death by all my sitting and stitching. I wish I could tell him that his little people are on their way. Hang in there buddy!


  1. Boy you have gotten a lot done. I may have crocheted three rows on a sweater, I am way, way behind.

  2. What an amazing array of beautiful crafts! I'm totally in love with those Halloween mitts and I don't really even like that holiday! The brown lace shawl is so lovely; please post pics after you block it!

  3. Golden sitting sure has been good for you stitching productivity but not so much for Mr. Golden....such a sad face....and I'm guessing your pups at home aren't to happy with the situation either. LOL

  4. Golden's cant be fooled. THey LOVE their lives and their people to stay the same. he's so lucky to have you. I bet he loves the companionship and quiet. I cant even believe all the headway on your projects. You amaze me lady!

  5. Indeed! I would say super productive!

  6. What a haven to be able to work and have quiet and serenity.....
    I like what is happening under your needles!
    The socks that are freaking you out are a very pretty stitch pattern!

  7. Wow! That WAS a productive week. I love all the colors on the dresden quilt. Beautiful.

    Mr. Golden is pretty handsome too!