Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Very Close Call

So how's that bathroom remodeling going you might ask. Well, let me tell you all about it. See that wire connecting the blue boxes?

Well, that was right under the old fiberglass tub surround. When The Mister went to cut through the surround to remove it, he cut right through it. If he hadn't been wearing big rubber gloves and if the circuit breakers hadn't tripped I would be writing a much different post today.

Those wires went to my kitchen, most notably the refrigerator. My bathroom is a wreck and now so is my kitchen as we had to move all the appliances to plug them in elsewhere while the repairs were made on the wiring. That meant a trip to the hardware store and lots of cussing on The Mister's part about the idiots who would put a wire there-and it was only day one.

By last night we had the old tub and walls out and the electricity fixed this time running the wires so they were in a place that made sense.

The biggest head scratcher so far is why there is so much dead space behind my walls. I have a tiny bathroom with no storage and a closet sized waste of space. A more ambitious person would take advantage of this discovery but that means moving plumbing. We'll be lucky if we don't have to do a lot of plumbing to make my new bathtub work so for now I'm just keeping my mouth shut and doing what The Mister says is best. He's had a rough day.


  1. Actually, he had a very LUCKY day! Oh my! How scary.

    I will work on plumbing, but NOT electrical. Plumbing mistakes make you wet. Electrical mistakes make you dead! I think I'll stick with wet!

    Good luck with the rest of the reno and glad it was not worse than it was.

  2. AH! In the safety world we call that a near miss! :O I'm glad he's ok. Also, That is a lot of space between the walls! I wonder why they did that.

  3. Oh, boy! So I'm not the only one with this kind of renovation story?!!!!!
    So glad no injuries-it is a hard day of work in the best of circumstances!

  4. Yikes!!! That's scary. So glad he's ok! This is the very reason I fear remodling.

  5. So thankful nothing came of such a close call!

  6. What a scary experience! So glad for all the factors that kept it from being a different story. Looking forward to seeing the steps of this project unfold. I do think it is going to be beautiful.

  7. so glad The Mister is fine. Electrical even frightens Fireman. Al's dryer is broken and Fireman is fearing a fire. He'd rather just buy here a new one than have her fix or try to fix it herself. SOme things are not worth it.

  8. A wise woman to let him call the shots from here on out! :-). I'm SO glad it all turned out all right with nothing but some inconveniences. It could have been oh, so bad as you well know. Can't wait to see t finished.

  9. Poor Mister! Poor you! Renos, no matter how big or small, never go as planned. Hopefully this was the worst of it.