Tuesday, September 5, 2017

No Scents

 This is me in Yankee Candle yesterday when I found out they discontinued the Witches Brew scented candles for Halloween. I was beyond sad.

 Back at home I remembered I had this......

...and this. It's the knock off fragrance I use for soap. I took some unscented tea lights, melted them down and added a spoonful of this and my house smelled just like Halloween. Now I need to learn how to make candles. Life is such a slippery slope when it comes to this crafting thing.

 Digging around in the soap supplies made me remember I had a lot of soap to wrap. I stopped on my way to Daughter's on Friday and picked up some paper for the job. I love those little 6x6 pads.

I had 30 bars that had been tested last week and are now ready to go.

 Among them-Witches Brew.

 It takes forever but I love this part.

Ta dah....half of the fall batch all wrapped and ready to go.

The other half finishes its cure next week. All together there are 70 bars I will need to rehome as soon as we all get a good run of moderate temps. Stay tuned....details to come.


  1. Candles....great idea! Go for it!
    The soap packaging you do is amazing and is a beautiful accent to your incredible bars!

  2. It's always so disappointing to find out favorite things can no longer be found. Kudos for finding a crafty way to "make do"!
    Your soap is better than any handmade soaps I've ever tried - and the wrapping is always so cool!

  3. I hate when companies discontinue my favorite things.

    Lucky you. You can make up your own!!! :-)

  4. It must smell divine in that soap making room of yours!! Making candles sounds fun too.

  5. Just checked...you may still order Witches Brew from the Yankee Candle website.



  6. Another thing for you to do! I would love to tour your "craft" room!

  7. Of all the ones to discontinue! Bleck! I love Witches brew. Your soaps, your wraps and your labels are amazing. Still enjoying the Breezes you sent.

  8. After decluttering this year I gave away most of my candles because I had way to many. Now I have Irma on the way and I had to go out and buy more. Love Witches Brew.

  9. Your soaps are amazing! You are one talented crafter!

  10. Your soaps are looking so great with those paper covers!

  11. Woman how do you do so much?!? The soaps look so professional and lovely. Fall colors and all you crafty thing!