Monday, September 18, 2017

Oh, Dear......

 The Mister kept calling me during my doggie sitting stint asking me if I was okay. Everyday the mailbox was filled to the brim with stuff.

 There were a lot of boxes waiting for me but in my defense a lot of them were ordered before I left.

 Like the Halloween stamp sets. I pre-ordered these a month ago.

 This package was from the staycation.

 I watched a ton of sketching Youtubes and decided to buy every tool that I saw someone using as if this would impart to me some of their talent. Not.

 I needed to find a good source for cardstock so I saved that online shopping chore for my little vacation. It was harder than I thought. I was looking for something that looked like watercolor for backgrounds. I use a lot of it. You can make your own but I am pretty terrible at it and make such a mess.

 Ummmm...the Midnight Quilt Show made me do it.

 Woot, woot!!! My Witches Brew is here! I got four years worth.

 Speaking of smelly things, new soap supplies showed up. My sample this month is Goat Milk and Honey. It smells like cake to me.

 I got a new mini mold for lotion bars and foot fizzies. The little ones are my favorites to use. The bee mold should work well with the new honey fragrance. I also got tubs and tubs of glycerin slabs for making face soap. I went crazy. I think there are 8 different kinds there-everything from aloe to hemp. I love hemp. It's always out of stock so I am happy to have it.

Ooooh, yarn from Valerie is here. Her sale was a monster one. I couldn't resist more of the stripes. This is going to make me very happy as soon as the fall KAL is over.

Last but not least I got new belts for my mini vacuum. Not fun or glamorous but very necessary. I am going to hate to tell The Mister that the package deluge is not quite over. I think there is a large order of quilt batts still on the way.  There may or may not also be material involved.


  1. It's looking like Christmas at your home!! Packages in the mail are the best - enjoy all your new goodies.

  2. Wow! You had a shop-a-palooza when you got home! Glad you were able to find your favorite Yankee Candle. ENJOY!

  3. You shouldn't be bored for any time soon!

  4. Lol - there must be something in the air. I've got quite a few packages arriving lately too... though mine is mostly clothing and quilt fabric (none of which I actually need)

  5. Oh my goodness! My heart started beating so hard at the pic of all those boxes! So glad you found your favorite candles!

  6. It appears as if you fell of the jet ski

  7. Yeah!! You go girl! Way to shop till you drop! LOL

  8. Oh my! I think my husband would have a conniption fit if I got that many boxes! I enjoyed seeing all of your goodies though. So much fun using them all. I can almost smell that soap and lotion. Blessings, Betsy

  9. Better than Christmas I think because you already knew you would love everything!