Friday, September 29, 2017


This is not what you expected is it? Right in the middle of the bathroom renovation you should be looking at plumbing. Not today.

 We had to call in a real plumber and he can't come until tomorrow so we took a break. We heard the weather was going to be better but it wasn't. That sun was hot. Too hot for Pup's little feet. We had to stay in the little town on the shady sidewalks and away from the blistering boardwalk.

 The antique shop has a new addition in their vintage craft window. Nice sweater but that thing is scary.

 Later that day I went to see Daddio. I knit while he looked out the window. He liked sitting in the sun. He said it felt good.

Ta sock done. He gets really tickled when I get a sock done. He is always asking if I'm ever going to finish that "thing". Today I did.

On the way home I had to stop for gas and was hoping that the Wawa had some apple cider donuts. They didn't. This is a pumpkin donut. It was okay but not nearly as good as the apple cider version. Every time I find something I really like it disappears. I must be the kiss of death. Darn.


  1. I have to say, the pumpkin donut looks pretty delicious from here!!!

    Glad Daddio had a good day.

  2. Sorry about your plumbing problem. Hope soon you'll have your shiny bathroom back.

  3. I love apple cider donuts! I really like all seasonal food, when it's hard to get that makes me want it more. I hope you can have some before fall is over!

  4. Lovely sock and a great finish! I remember Wawa. It's one of the things our son-in-law misses about The east coast! That donut looks pretty good to me. :-)

  5. I think fletch is glad I haven't ripped out a medicine cabinet or toilet...yet...

    That is one scary looking "thing" in the shop. The donut - scary in a different way. Looks so good!!

  6. Those words "call the plumber" bring back some pretty bad memmories around here. LOL I will keep you in my prayers. ;-) But on the bright least you got a little break to get out and enjoy a walk about town.

  7. a break is just what you need. A bathroom break, pun intended. HI Daddio. Your sock is so pretty! I was missing my moms sweet voice last night. A friend was over talking about her moms dementia. I dont miss the disease, but I miss her sweet smile and hugs.

  8. Wow thanks hat fisherman is very creepy! Loving the sock photos, especially the one with the tootsies - pretty toenails!

  9. I don't like creepy and that thing is nasty!
    I'm glad your dad was happy about the sock finish! I thought I was the only one who fell in love with a product during its last week of production!