Friday, September 1, 2017


 Today's the start of the fall KAL but I won't be casting on until later tonight. I've decided to go for two pairs since I have so much autumn colored yarn to use up.

I'm on my way to kitty sit at Daughter's again this weekend while they head off to Fenwick Island for a romp on the beach with some friends. I am going with some textured knits for the socks. Some old favorites.

 Before I left I got a package from my favorite online stitch store.

 I had been looking for weeks for something Halloweeny.

I only wanted one and I wanted something small but I couldn't resist this one too. I'll only work on them in October so they'll take a while but I am okay with that. It's all about the journey.

Even though I haven't put a stitch on the Sheep Virtues sampler all week I ordered two more to come along for the ride.  That makes six so I am officially halfway to having collected them all.  If stitching them was as easy as ordering them-I'd be done.


  1. Glad to have you along for the KAL. The yarn choices you made are PERFECT!

    Love all the stitchy stuff too. You remind me that I really need to get back to MY cross stitch soon. I have a little Christmas one started.

  2. Since I had nowhere to put more stitchery, you can send them to me to stitch and I'll send them back to you! Ha! Ha! Love them all but especially the sheep. Your new socks will be so pretty and you have a whole weekend to knit! Yippee!!!

  3. I can see stitching bug biting you. Will you be stitching big or small one from Prairie Schooler?

    1. I know it's crazy but I am going for the big one.

  4. Ah yes the buying of cross stitch kits faster and van one can make them is so like me! The yarn you have is so autumny, I look forward to seeing the end result!

  5. Your fall yarns will be perfect!

    I purposely try not to look at stitching sites because I already have so many that have not ever been opened ...

  6. The fall colors are so lovely! As much as I love summer I still feel some excitement when autumn begins to appear.

  7. Theirs a lace chart in your future for the KAL! You rock Deb. I cant wait to cast on my project. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

  8.'re knitting two pair for the KAL...I'll probably be lucky to get one pair done and I'm just going to have to live vicariously through you on the stitching. I just can't do it anymore.

  9. Ooooo, your fall yarn is looking good! I think I have some similar yarn. I will look tonight! I love all things sheepy. Excited to see your crafts come together :)

  10. Wow, you have some amazing fall yarn! I just heard about the KAL this very minute and need to go check my stash. Also need to catch up on blogging as I've been terrible this summer.

  11. Kind of like quilting-if only all the quilts were made as easily as the drafting idea notebook drawings! Sigh....these are adorable stitch kits-one and all!

  12. Love the colour on the Felici, what is it called?