Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Screened In

 I am doggy sitting this week while the Grands are living it up in the Outer Banks. The Golden is not too happy about it. He is usually happy to see me but this time he seems a bit sad that his little people are gone.

I, on the other hand, am living it up on their beautiful screened in porch. The weather is fantastic for sitting and stitching and the natural light couldn't be better for these old eyes.

I am getting started on the second Halloween sampler. It's a big one.

 I haven't forgotten the other one. It came along for the ride too.

So did my sheepies. Mr. Lincoln is done. Next up is a Clun Forest.  I'll be here until Sunday so I've got plenty of stitching time all to myself.

Yesterday Kathy B in her Q & A asked if we had any goals for the rest of 2017. At the time I couldn't really think of anything but after jumping up and down all day I've decided that EVERY one of my project bags will have it's own pair of scissors. I can never seem to find a pair when I need one.


  1. I STILL love those sheep! Poor baby. He's missing his people. How sweet is that? I agree wholeheartedly about the scissors. I need a little tin for each project that has a tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers and a row counter.

  2. Your sheep are very cute. I have the same problem with scissors. Never enough of them.

  3. I also have a disappearing scissor problem! I solved it by keeping one in my project bag of the moment, one in the car, and one in each room... and they STILL walk! :)

  4. I LOVE screened porches - the best. You can be sheltered, but be outside. I would love to screen in our patio...but there is too much "stuff" on it to make it a livable room. Your projects look great!

  5. I am working on the same solution-a pair of scissors, darning needle and measuring tape in EVERY project bag! I like the sheep sampler-I have spun each of those breed! lol
    The screened in porch sounds lovely!

  6. What a sad puppers that is! Mom said our old dog Buster was a nightmare when we went to stay with our grandparents. he just missed the little girl who dropped food soooooooooooo much!

  7. The only thing better than a porch is a screened porch. LOL I'm having screened porch envy right now. That is one sad looking golden. Poor baby....he's got a bit of wait till his people get back. Hope he perks up for you.

  8. A scissors goal! Now that's perfect Lady!
    I love all things Halloween, so I'll take that sampler! Ha

  9. Aww poor Golden!! He looks so forlorn! That screened in porch looks perfect for crafting. I wish I was there with you! Your cross stitch looks fun but challenging. I think your scissors challenge is my stitch markers challenge

  10. That sounds like a good goal!!!

    I'd love to be sitting on a screen porch and stitching with you, but I bet that doggie would take up MOST of my attention!

    Enjoy your stitching vacation!!!