Monday, September 11, 2017

A Dose of Fiber

 I know my friends in Florida have bigger worries but my biggest problem today is that I hate all the projects on my wheels right now.

They are leftover Cormo locks from the Tdf and I am so over them.

This project is really, really over. Life is too short to spin nasty fiber and I really, really hate this stuff. I am going to ply what I have and toss the rest in the trash. It was supposed to be my MDSW shawl for next year but I'll just have to figure something else out.

 What I want to do is spin some of the beautiful fiber I have in the stash. I've got lots and most of it is in a fall colorway. I need some mindless, hypnotic spinning action. It's my stress relief and it's not happening with the nasty stuff on the wheels.

A few weeks ago I pulled this handspun project to be kitted up but this is as far as it got. Allergies plus migraines have left me with a bad case of missing mojo lately. I need some quiet time and I need it bad. I've got nothing to complain about though when you consider what friends in Texas, Mexico and Florida have had to endure. The heck with fall and this storm season. We need winter and we need it bad.


  1. Yep. Time to find a project you love. That green yarn looks like a VERY good choice.

  2. Migraines are definitely fair game to complain about, I get them too, horrid things. I think life is too short to waste time on projects you don't like, but it's so hard to just throw stuff away, isn't it.
    Hope your week improves and your mojo reappears,

  3. I'm loving all those fall colors in that stash of yours. I don't blame you for wanting to dig into it. I could use some mindless hypnotic spinning right about now too.

  4. You know I was blessing your heart this weekend. My sheep project kit did not include pink for the ears . I found the bag of roving you sent me. Pink ? Oh yes!
    You saved the day. Go find something you cant wait to knit !! or spin or doing any wooly good thing with!

  5. No guilt over tossing a project you can't stand! Find one to make you smile and spin with abandon!

  6. It's that in between time of the seasons and I get very antsy this time of year. This morning I just played on the computer while waiting for the repairman to come and fix the dryer. Time to "straighten up and fly right" as my Mother used to say and get myself doing something fun!

  7. I hope you get your mojo back, but I agree with you and feel like you've got so many good projects and crafts in you and your stash. Don't waste time with that which is bringing you down. hugs!

  8. Hope you found something you love! That green yarn is very, very pretty. I could love that - lol.