Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday Night Fun

  The weather has finally become agreeable once again so we gave our local farmer's market another try last night. There is only one more left for the season.

Finally the fall decor on the boardwalk looked like it belonged. I was chilly.

 The place was a sea of tomatoes. It must have been a good year.

 I got a fresh blackberry sangria from a local winery.  The first sip was scary but it got better as the night wore on.

 After dark the market becomes a street party.

 Blocks and blocks of fairyland under the lights.

There were bars and nightspots where I never knew they existed before. With live music even. I thought this was someone's house. It's not. It's a bar. It was a great night. I'm still buzzing from the excitement-and maybe that blackberry wine thing.

Also...for everyone who signed up for the giveaway, your soap is on the way. Thanks so much for helping me empty the boxes. I had 22 people respond! There is hardly any soap left and what is left I am packing up and giving to our hard working postal clerks that helped me get all those packages on the way. If you need a tracking number message me on Ravelry. Thanks again....this week I get to make winter soap!!! Woo hoo....


  1. Your farmer's market looks like so much fun! I've not ever been to one that is at night.

    We'll be heading to OURS tomorrow. It takes place UNDER the I-95 bridge over the St. Johns river. I'm picking up my new project bag from one of the vendors and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  2. I love the idea of a night market that turns into a party! Genius! Hope you have a good weekend,

  3. That looks like soUch fun. The markets around here are all Sat mornings...and no Bloody Mary in sight!

  4. That market looks absolutely amazing! It's a wonderful idea and shows such great community spirit!

  5. That looks like a really fun time. I love farmers market's. Blessings, Betsy

  6. Now that looks like some good ole fashion Fall fun and that is a whole lot of tomatoes!!