Saturday, September 2, 2017

In Knots

 That face says it all. I am kitty sitting once again and the kitties were not happy about it in spite of the fact that I went through a bag of kitty treats in my first hour there.

 Never mind them. They'll get over it. I've got stuff to do. I went to cast on one of my KAL projects and found....gasp-a knot. That's Felici btw. For shame.

 I'm glad I found it early. I rewound it into balls to make sure there were no more. There weren't but we all know one ill placed knot can be more than enough especially in socks.

 I am doing these in tandem. It's my favorite way to do stripes I want to match. I knit one pattern repeat on each today before I ran out of gas.

I also managed to get another one of the KAL projects started before I left the house yesterday. My favorite time of day to do itty bitty knitting is in the early morning. Now I have a whole weekend of uninterrupted mornings ahead of me-barring kitty interruptions, that is.


  1. Grrr to the knot-it can really mess up a matching stripes plan! Good job with all the cast ons and here's to a nice quiet weekend!

  2. I found a knot in the yarn I was using yesterday and, of course, was fairly well into the poncho I'm knitting for one of my granddaughters. Of course, it's a patterning yarn so I'm deciding how to handle it because the pattern is now disrupted 19" into the project. I'm going to take it to my knitting group at my LYS for advice. Oh well, hey ho!

  3. Knots in sock yarn. Very irritating. I've never found a knot in Felici yarn before. I do love the colors you chosen. I bought my first pair of chai-goo needles from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I'm going to try the magic loop method for my next pair. Have fun Kitty sitting and crafting.

  4. And Let me say your sock yarn is perfection and You all of you knitting the socks for KAL Vera and Dee, will have to show them to us In something uniform please. IE : wearing socks with feet crossed maybe. Haha not my contest and Im making up rules!

  5. It really ought to be against the law to put knots in yarn....especially in sock yarn for petes sake! I mean really! Good thing you caught it early.

  6. God bless the kitty-sitters! You are appreciated!
    I love the idea of knitting two socks at once on dpns. I am going to try that one of these days. No more SSS!
    Your colors tell me that you are embracing fall!

  7. UGH . . . knots are the WORST!!! Kitties really slow down the productivity, but you can't beat kitty snuggles.

  8. Knots are so horrible especially with really expensive yarn. I am talking to you Noro. You are the best to be kitty sitting again.