Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Old Sew and Sew

 It took Daddio months to recover from his eye surgery but he's certainly on a roll now.

 He's been making buckets and buckets of paper pieces.

 We are going to put together something that looks like this more or less, after we get a few other things finished.

 He's also been working on this table runner for Little Sister.

We finished this for Middle Sister ages ago but I have been afraid to quilt it. I just enrolled us in Leah Day's free motion quilting class on Craftsy so this is going on hold until we do some more practicing with the machine. I've already learned a lot about preparing tops for free motion quilting from the videos, so this is going to be redone using her technique which involves a lot of tape and/or elastic bands.

 We just put the last two rows on his flannel wonky plaid quilt. We learned a lot about working with plaids with this one. We learned not to. Plaids are hard.

Next up is sewing down his batik wedding ring pieces from last summer. The brown is the design wall. The real backing will be white. Quilting this is going to be a heart stopper. I hope Leah Day has some good tricks up her sleeve because I will need all the help I can get on this beauty.

Those Connecting Thread batiks are gorgeous. I have to keep the left over batik material under lock and key because he wants to get into them for other projects. He doesn't appreciate that they are special and in spite of being expensive, they sell out quickly. You just can't use it as scraps. At least not until I get the border on the wedding rings done.


  1. Wow! You guys have been busy! Love the wedding ring pieces! This is making me want to start quilting. :-)

  2. It think the flannel plaid one is my favourite!

  3. A huge body of work for DaddiO. So glad his eyes are finally healed (mine too) finally.
    and the fabrics and quilts are just beautiful. Even your wonky plaid. It will be the coziest!