Saturday, July 20, 2013

On Fire

I wish the thing that was on fire was me-meaning that I am spinning away for a fabulous trip into Paris for a big finish in this year's Tour de Fleece. Instead I am talking about the weather. It is ridiculously hot and it needs to stop.

At least it's not hot in the Alps. On Friday it was cool and wet and I loved watching it so much I watched it all day while I tried to get caught up. I will be plying today but there won't be much to show for all the effort I put out this year. That's what I get for taking on something that was such slow going in the first place. Next year I will know better.


  1. We just got a huge storm that took all our sticky weather with it - hope you get it soon too!

  2. ahhhhh but you've made it to the end of the TOUR .....
    I didn't get as much knitted as I would have hoped, but what got knitted was nice.

    PHil LIggett, here's to next year

    1. I love Phil. I could listen to him all day and thanks to non-stop coverage here, some days I did.