Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Power of Me

 Because of my babysitting obligations and Tour de Fleece participation, I had been MIA from the garden over at Daddio's for two weeks.

I actually believed I was going to find it waiting for me as I left it with a dividend of a harvest. Instead I found a weed patch. Everything was pretty much gone. I never realized my participation was so important to the ecosystem around here.

In the tangled up mess I did find a weird squash growing. Even weirder, I didn't plant any this year. I have no idea what this is.

The potted tomatoes that were so lovely are a mushy mess.

The potted Armenian cucumbers are still hanging in there but there are no cukes.

There is a mini crop of potted peppers but they don't look very healthy.

The pumpkin patch is still looking good but this is what the pumpkins are starting to look like.

There is one decent one and I am hoping it stays alive until it turns orange.

The sunflowers are being appreciated by the butterflies. This year Daddio is getting a big kick out of watching the butterflies so maybe next year we will just plant flowers and forget the veg.

Minus the weeds, the flowers that I planted around the perimeter are doing well.

The thing that upsets me the most is the rest of the yard. I had worked hard on it this year and had even planted new grass. In two short weeks the grass is dead and the weeds have taken over.

This is the lily bed we planted in the spring and two weeks ago it was full of yellow, orange and pink blooms. The entire yard is a disaster. It looks like an abandoned property. Arghhh....
The thought that I am holding onto is that in just a few months winter will be here again and all this mess will be gone. I'll just start again next year-with lots more mulch.

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  1. You are not alone. My little herbs only garden is almost at my give up stage.
    I may not give up yet however. I have a self planted tomato plant that is going strong. Somehow.
    THe thing about gardens is that very fine line between give up and carry on.
    I think you have some decent crop saves: the peppers are awesome!