Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TdF 2013: Finally A Finish

It took me until Stage 14 to get a skein out of all those blue Merino locks.

It has turned out to be 94 grams of fuzzy, thick and thin yarn that I am not exactly ecstatic about.

I know it has to dry and be swatched before I reach a final verdict but I had high hopes for this labor intensive project and I am a bit disappointed. I know that my own processed fleece can't compare to commercially processed roving but I had thought I might see a bit of improvement over what is apparently now my default quality of spinning.


  1. Well from this vantage point it is AMAZING!! So sorry you are disappointed in it....
    Hang in there.....

    we are in the mountain stages so thats always tough

  2. I like the yarn photo with The Tour on in the background. I understand your disappointment, since you had your own expectations for your spinning. But honestly I think it looks great form here. p.s. happy anniversary!

  3. I like it too! Especially the color! Besides, it's Merino, what's not to like!? I think you do an amazing job with all your projects!!