Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fits and Starts

 I look forward to my late night knitting on the Lillehammer but this whole project is getting ridiculous. I am wondering if I will ever finish this $#%*@ thing.

The problem now is that the second sleeve is making me crazy. For days (or should I say nights) now I have ripped out more than I have knit. Yesterday that second sleeve was about 8 inches longer than the photo shows. Last night I realized in horror that the second one was wider than the first. How did that happen? I am using the same directions and same chart for crying out loud. It was off to the frog pond again-hopefully for the last time.


  1. That Lili is amazing......corrections aside...what a gorgeous knit up. YOU HAVE TALENt

  2. It is so complicated looking and so beautiful. Just don't stop. Your almost there!