Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Talk

This week I spent several days with the Grandbaby again. We've been spinning along with the Tour and I have been managing to keep up with my team using the spindles while he is sleeping. Thank goodness I finished the wheel project over the weekend. It's a downhill cruise into Paris from here.

Instead of playing with my fiber equipment all day I have been playing with these...

...while sitting in this. I love this play yard thing. You can get right in with baby for hours of silly fun.

Serious pillow rough housing is a must...

...while listening to The Beatles on the Kindle. Shake it up baby now, twist and shout...

 There is always time for a game of This Little Piggie...

...with a good tickling to finish it off.

Little hands are never still.

 Neither are little mouths. Someone's got new sharp little toothies.

Things that swing are for rest time...

 ...and so is a good book. Night, night sweet baby. Someone needs a nap. Me.


  1. Lucky you!!!! That's one precious little grand baby you have there! Love the little tootsies. Enjoy every minute of it cuz they grow up so fast! :-)

  2. I'm ready for a nap after just reading that! Babies are exhausting!

  3. ha ha YEs the adults need the nap too! Im off for one shortly

  4. Babies sure do take a lot of energy out of us but are they a lot of fun. What a little sweetie you have!

  5. oh those plump little hands and feet. how fun and great pics of a babies eye view from the play pen.