Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

They don't let you forget for one minute what holiday it is around here. Someone must have spent a lot of money on banners this year. They've put one of these on every lamp post along with an American flag.

On the same main road you find this in someone's yard.

And this in another.

Happily for The Mister you also find this. He ordered a half bushel of his favorite crustaceans for the celebration. That means I am going to have to put up with a stinky fridge for a few days.

 Speaking of the fridge, we didn't have room for it all.

The melons and corn had to spend the night in a box on the floor. Happily the cats didn't notice or if they did, they cleaned up the mess before we got up.

I didn't find any teethmarks in the bazillions of hot dog rolls.

Thank goodness there were no paw prints in the pies to report either.

We did have a catastrophe with the plumbing. You could go swimming under the sink in what I suspect was a lot of dirty fleece water(!).

The ever handy Mister had it fixed in no time.

I now have two new drain thingys.

 Some other signs of the time are the mild mannered fireworks that appear. We love our sparklers.

 See what I mean?
Happy Birthday USA!


  1. Um... I just realized I completely forgot to go shopping for groceries and goodies for tomorrow!

  2. Your dinner looks great! !! our old Deaf cat Radar would eat butter if left out. Our cat fiona liked to go after buns, breads, in plastic and marshmallows

  3. Mmm corn... our corn wont' be read for about another month :(