Monday, July 1, 2013

Vegetable Medley

 All the rescue spinning and knitting of the Surprise Sideways Shawlette is finished. The last thing to do was to unravel all the stitches that made that brilliant fringe.

 It was fun to do. It kept me busy the day the men came to do the windows. It was mindless and soothing.

 The shawl itself did not need much blocking but the fringe was crimped so it had to be pulled out

 I love how the fringe matches the gradient color.

Way down yonder is the end that caused all the commotion. It is not a perfect match but it is close enough. I am pretty sure that when it is wrapped around my neck no one will be able to tell that it didn't belong.

 In spite of all the problems, I loved making this. It is a perfect pattern for all that crazy colored fiber I have laying about waiting to be spun.

 I see at least one more in my future.


  1. WOw. It came out so lovely
    I am so glad you were able to find a suitable finish yarn...I can't telL!

  2. It has turned out beautifully and I cant tell which end was the issue. Its a beautiful pattern