Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food for Thought

We had our first little harvest out of Daddio's "hobby" garden last week.

I call it his hobby garden because after last year's miserable failure, I decided to plant things just for the fun of it. Daddio likes to water things so I gave him things to water with little hope for a real harvest. We can't beat the bugs without poisons and I'm just not going there.

Some things, like the tomatoes and peppers seem to hold their own against the pests.

I tried planting some carrot and beet seeds and so far this is all we have. Cute, huh?

Some old bed springs made a great trellis for the snap peas which were a surprising success. Now if I can just get a cucumber or a pumpkin. Just one. The bugs can have the rest.


  1. Try to Cover the pumpkin flower with tinfoil along the green vine right at the flowering join. THe cutworms won't take the flowers off then. I have also used milk jugs this way. I want you to have a pumpkin!!