Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Tangled Web

 I was very proud of my latest attempt to wind a warp. I am pretty sure I did it right.

 This was the warp for the table runner sampler kit that I spent some big bucks on over at Yarn Barn.

I was feeling pretty confident as I took the chain over to the loom.

Then disaster struck. I cut off the ties to the chain before I realized that one of the lease sticks had not gone all the way through one side of the cross. Argh....

 I spent about 3 hours on the floor untangling the mess. I wasn't wasting an inch of this expensive 3/2 perle cotton. Using the warping board helped.

It's a good thing I like doing this sort of thing.

The second time I inserted the lease sticks, I did so while the warp was still on the pegs. I had The Mister help me hold it while I chained it. This time I got it right.

Since he was already there and wondering when dinner would be, I got him to help me wind on.

 I put it to bed for the night hoping the cats wouldn't discover it. I really didn't want to start over-again.

 A day later, I had this to show for all my troubles.

 An hour later, I had come this far. Weaving is fast. I am going to be done with this in no time.

 I can really tell that I am making progress because I am finally able to work directly from the draft without making all kinds of crazy charts and notes. If you have ever seen on of these and tried to figure it out, you know what a big deal that is.


  1. Wow! That looks crazy complicated. I'm totally impressed with how that is turning out. I'm pretty sure my mind couldn't handle it though.

  2. That looks so beautiful. I love the colours and the pattern and everything!

  3. I think the untangling was amazing in and of itself.
    You actual weaving work is so pretty!!! Carry on

  4. I am floored by the untangling!
    The colors are beautiful and the way they shimmer is really outstanding.
    You are simply amazing!