Thursday, August 1, 2013

Playing With Hooky

 I haven't picked this up in a while and it didn't take me long to realize that I needed to cut more wool. That's when I discovered that my wool filing system stinks. I had a terrible time locating the colors I needed so one day I am going to have to re-organize my stash. I just shoved it into bags and now I see that I need to separate it by color.

 I am getting a little better with the fancy new hook but I think the backing and wool size are working against me. There are rules about these things and before I start a new project, I intend to learn them.

I have also learned that all those pretty lines I drew need to be filled in first or they disappear. You can't go back in and add things later.
At least I have learned enough about rug hooking to know when I am doing things wrong. That's real progress.


  1. This is going to look so cool when it's finished!

  2. Yes yes there's value in learning how NOT to do it!! I love the look of that project ...sorry its a pain in your butt right now

  3. I hear you about the organization! My house is full of stash.

    That rug hooking is divine!

  4. love the rug. it is looking gorgeous