Monday, August 12, 2013

Like the Wind

 Something else I have been doing in bed at night is to try teach myself how to knit Irish Cottage style. Every summer when I was a teacher, I had to teach myself something new. Juggling, ice skating, spinning all came about in the dead of summer. This year it has been weaving on the 4 harness loom and learning this new way of playing with the sticks and string. If you have never seen anyone knit this way, go over to Youtube right now and check it out. It's crazy looking.

 You wrap the yarn around the fingers of the hand you are holding your free needle in and move the yarn back and forth with your finger...

 ...and then you hold the free needle like a pencil as you push and pull the fabric with your free first finger and thumb-or something like that.

Unlike most things in knitting, it is much harder than it looks. I haven't done a very good job of figuring it out but I'm not giving up just yet. There's a bunch of You Tube videos that walk you through it and I've still got a few to go. Maybe one of them can show me the way. So far, here's my favorite. Many, many, many years ago I taught myself to knit continental style by accident using a book that was teaching the English method so I am not sure if there is much hope. These old fingers don't seem to want to learn this new trick.

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  1. I'm so set in my ways with knitting, I don't think I could learn another way! kudos for you for trying!