Sunday, August 18, 2013

There Must be Socks

 I was commenting on someone's blog the other day about how I could never not have socks on the needles.  The author of the blog was confessing a severe state of anxiety because for the first time in a while she didn't a have any socks in progress. I always have a pair or two in a small bag ready to pick up as I head out the door.

Sakki by Plymouth, a Merino, Mohair and Nylon blend
 I don't even consider these plain ribbed socks a project.

Handspun from my 2011 MDSW Jacob fleece purchase
They are a happy chore that fills a need I can't explain. In another life, I must have had some mighty cold feet.


  1. I just picked up my socks again this week. I can't say how many months it has been. Just knowing they were over there in their little bag was enough to keep me satisfied. Ah socks....well to me they are still a project, but a very delightful one.

  2. I definitely have to have socks on the go too - other projects just aren't that portable!