Saturday, August 24, 2013

And So It Grows

The sock that I have been knitting during Daddio's doctor visits got 45 minutes worth of mileage put on it this week during some test he had done in order to figure out why the nerves in his back are causing him so much discomfort since his last surgery. There would have been more progress to show off it it hadn't been so much fun watching someone stick him full of needles. We both got a big laugh out of the sound the nerves make when interpreted by a computer. Good times.

 Later that day I decided to go ahead and finish the thing and cast on the second of the pair.

These are intended for Daughter but I am so in love with this yarn that I went online and priced buying some for myself. I can't stretch the budget that far quite yet but maybe in a month or two I will be adding some more Sakki to the stash if it's still available. It appears that supplies are low, leading me to believe it is out of production. Having said that, the yarn makes my work look like I just learned how to knit a few days ago. I seem to be having crazy tension issues especially in the ribbing. I haven't blocked these yet and I hope a bath will shrink up the holes but even if it doesn't, these socks are so soft and fuzzy they are surely destined to become favorites.

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