Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Zark Day

Excuse the grainy old photos but someone special is having a birthday today.

It's that kid that walked before most babies learn to crawl.

You know, the one that had to do everything his way.

He was awfully cute when he smiled but that wasn't often.

I suppose he didn't have much to smile about. He was an awfully sick kid and spent a lot of time with his arm strapped to a board hauling around his "rootie tootie". Asthma's a bitch.

On his first day of school there was no hint that he would never stop going. Artist, chemist, lawyer, what's next?

If it's true that your intelligence comes from your mother than I am certainly proud of the use he's made of it.
Happy birthday, you crazy kid!


  1. wonderful pictures and so poignant
    happy birthday little boy~

  2. aww Im' sorry he had asthma to deal with . It is such a scary thing when they have breathing troubles... scary for mom too! You guys are adorable