Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas in August

 When the phone rang early in the morning and I saw it was from Daddio my heart sank. Something must be wrong.

Instead of the catastrophe that I was expecting, he was in a dither because he couldn't find his Christmas material. He has a giant box and he keeps it under the table that he sits at all day. Guess where it was? Yup. Under the table right where he sits all day. Crisis averted. He is now spending his day making all kinds of holiday doo dads.

 Meanwhile out in the garden it is still summer. The pumpkins are all doing their pumpkin thing.

I am not happy to see that someone is enjoying my pumpkins as much as I do. This better not become a habit.

 These giant sunflowers are growing in a pot. We did not plant them. We planted carrots in the pot. We got teeny tiny carrots and humungous flowers. Odd.

 These small sunflowers we did plant. They seem very happy to be out in the blazing sun. Me, not so much. I'm ready for fall.

 The mystery squash turned out to be butternut. There are quite a few of them out there. Why-I have no idea.

 The figs are worrying me to death. By this time we are usually making jelly. The tree did have some damage during Superstorm Sandy so I am crossing my fingers it will recover in time for next year's crop. She is getting a major pruning this winter. She didn't get her usual haircut this year because I was too busy cleaning up the mess the storm left behind and forgot. I hope this didn't ruin this year's harvest.

 Daddio's little front garden is lovely. There are not a lot of blooms this year but what is out there is doing its best. The butterflies and hummingbirds are very happy and I'm happy to say that Daddio is very happy watching them.

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  1. I don't know a fig about growing a fig, but they look great! Hopefully a little more time and they will be perfect and you will be making me insane with jealously once again as you make your jam.