Sunday, August 25, 2013

Winding Down

The most recent harvest out of the messy little garden looks like this. The figs are finally being figgy, the cukes are going crazy and the teeny tiny second bean harvest is at an end.

I haven't enough figs to make jam but I have been eating cucumber sandwiches pretty much for every meal for a few days now. I'm not complaining. I really, really, like cucumber sandwiches especially when the cucumbers are still warm from the sun. Mmmmm.....

 Since last year's crop was a bust, I tried many different types of cucumbers this year. The Armenian cucumber vine grew like crazy but it only yielded two cukes. This one and one that is still in progress.

 I have yet to try one of these weird looking things myself but it looks like some varmint has already beaten me to it. I am no forensic expert but those teeth marks look an awful lot like the ones in the pumpkins. I think we have a bunny problem.

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