Monday, August 19, 2013

A Summer Progress Report

It seems that I find myself in project limbo. There is a lot going on but nothing is very interesting or particularly photogenic. That's two shawls and a sweater up there. I only put a few rows on each everyday so they are all going to take forever to finish.

The mosaic afghan is also coming along slowly. I am so happy I changed the border to green. I am also happy to report that although Knit Picks does still carry the cable connectors, they also carry 60 inch cables. That should be more than enough when the time comes. Even better-they are only $3.99 for two!

I am still spinning every day. The first bobbin of the blue/green fiber is done.

The shawlette that needs more yarn will have it as soon as I get these singles plied.
Summer is almost over-it would be if I were still teaching (yikes!) but there are still enough long, lazy days ahead to get these things done.
Bless The Mister for making sure we both could retire early. We may be not be rolling in dough but we have all the time in the world for the rest of our lives and what could be better? Nothing.


  1. Being still far too young for such things as retirement, I completely envy you the thought of days to do whatever you like with. Happy knitting :)

  2. Here's to your hubby for planning early retirement!
    I look forward to Fireman's retirement. I have a few more years to go !!

  3. At least you know you'll never be bored!