Sunday, January 31, 2021

Getting Ready


We've been through this many times before for nothing but our weather folks swear we are getting some of the good white stuff today. I dug the sleds out of the shed and gave them a good washing. It's been several years since they've been out and about. 

The Mister was in an absolute flurry of activity bringing in wood and filling up the outside wood piles. I had a nice walk through the woods gathering sticks for him. It was a beautiful day yesterday, cold but sunny. My kind of weather. 

We checked the heated kitty huts to make sure they were warm and snug and sat out the heated food dish in a covered location. I hate that they won't come in during a storm but they won't. They come in to eat in the morning when the house is quiet but if you don't leave the door open a crack for them to get out they scream like you're killing them. Oh, well. I suppose they know best. 

The Mister must have been really excited about the snow. I noticed he cleared everything off the deck and pushed it under cover so he can keep the deck cleared. He must be expecting a lot. Let's hope tomorrow I have some white stuff to post about if I don't The Mister will be pretty disappointed. 


  1. Lots of preparations. Lets hope the white stuff arrives. I remember landing once at Regan International in a blizzard. We were the last plane to land and we had circled for several hours. The pilot said we had one chance. If he couldn't land we would have to divert to Philidelphia. Well, we landed and he did an excellent job. We plowed through a foot of snow to get the to gate. Dennis took off to return home from that trip in a similar situation. I stayed a couple of weeks longer to visit. His was the last plane to leave before they shut down Regan again. it was a crazy year with lots and lots of snow in the area.
    Take care and fingers crossed you'll get your white stuff. You can keep it all!

  2. I hope you get a really proper snow storm where you can sled and then come in for hot chocolate. Stay warm and safe.

  3. We've stacked up wood as well, in anticipation that we might lose power. So far it has just been off and on light flurries, but I think this time the weather people may be right.

  4. Since you are ready you probably won't get much. Make a snowman!!

  5. I hope you get snow during the day so you can watch it fall. Mesmerizing stuff..snow falling.
    Now I want hot chocolate.

  6. I love that top of the list is getting the sleds ready! Hope you have a safe snow storm!

  7. A lot of prep and I hope it snowed for you!