Friday, January 22, 2021

Woolly Milestones


See those big  blue clips on either side of the Festive Doodle? They are holding the sleeve stitches. That means I made it back to where I was when my sizing disaster struck. Now I've got less stitches on the needles and that makes me very happy.

I've got one Cozy Thermal Mitt done and the second started. 

I've made one full round of the rainbow on the Twofers.

My Arne and Carlos Pairfects are at the heel and I'm not hating them as much as I did. No one will ever know but me that they don't look anything like the ball band photo.

Then there is Altheda.....sigh. I'm afraid I've fallen into the black hole of knitting here. I keep knitting the same final inch over and over only to measure it and find that I am right back where I started. I need 12 inches to the hem and by golly I'll get them even if it takes me forever. 


  1. All of your projects are lovely and so fun. But the colors in Festive Doodle are just the best!

  2. The colors on that top sweater are STUNNING!

  3. I usually comment on your blog before I go to bed but my headache came back yesterday evening so it was off to bed earlier than usual.
    You're getting lots and lots of knitting done. That black hole can be so discouraging. I felt like that with Dennis's last sweater. Now he says it's longer than the others I've made him! It sure wasn't measuring that way.

  4. Beautiful knits, but Altheda is by far my favorite. I love the gray/white combo.

  5. Beautiful knitting! I really like the mitts-both yarn and texture. Isn't it a relief when the sleeve stitches are put on hold?!

  6. Gorgeous knitting my friend. Stay safe.

  7. Beautiful! You are such a productive knitter! :)

  8. You sure got a lot done on all of your projects! I love all of them.