Sunday, January 10, 2021

First FOs of 2021


Remember this? 

It is now a pair of Cozy Thermal Mitts and ready to be gifted back to the person who gifted me the yarn. 

I made a quick card to go along for the ride. I hope it will be a pleasant surprise. Who doesn't like mitts?

I also finished my latest Pairfect socks. They are not as terrible as I imagined while I was knitting them but they are long. Very long. Letting the colors do what they are supposed to do was a leap of faith in the fitting department but I do believe they will fit a human foot. 

I did cast on more twofers but not with the Pairfect yarn. I think they work best one at a time. This is the Felici that just arrived in the Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows colorway. I thought you might like to see what casting on two at a time with Magic Loop looks like. The first few rows are pretty crazy but after that it's smooth sailing. 


  1. Nice work! I love those socks. It seems like a hundred years have passed since those days in 2016 in some ways. I am looking forward to a more normal four years, aren't you? Take care.

  2. Love the mitts and the socks. Of course the card says "hello" to me because I love snowmen! :-)
    I never seem to get past the first 2-3 rows of two at a time socks. I hate all of the fiddliness of it. I need to just persist through and see how I like it. The heels baffle me. I just don't know how it would be done. I guess I'm just really comfortable with my dpn's.

  3. You got those mitts done quickly. The look like they will be very warm. I know the person getting them will love them.

  4. Not a sock knitter so I admire those who can and do! I love the look of those socks! The mitts are lovely and I know they will be a big hit!

  5. The mitts are superb! What a perfect, I'm thinking of you, gift! Nice job on the socks! I tried knitting two at a time ONCE and gave up! lol

  6. Oh , Al wants to learn magic loop . I'll send her to see this post. :)

  7. Pretty mitts! Your socks turned out too! :)